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Sifu/Guro Jim Romero

Sifu/Guro Jim Romero Sifu Guro Jim Romero has martial arts in his blood. His path began in 1970 with Western Boxing. “My instructor was my grandfather who was an amateur Bantam-weight boxer, who later became a professional.”

Later he trained in Shotokan Karate with Sensei Louis Freid, a retired Deputy Sheriff, and Master Sung Jin Park, continuing to enhance his training by reading books on various styles.

In 1980 he began training in San Kune Do under Sifu Milton Fong, a student of Melvin Quan who trained under Bruce Lee at the Chinatown school in Los Angeles, California.

In 1991 Sifu Guro Jim enrolled in the Kali Academy, teaching the beginning class after only a year. He earned the rank of Apprentice Instructor in 1994, Associate Instructor in 2001, and was awarded the honor of Senior Instructor (Guro) in 2011.

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