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"Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is specifically you're own." — Bruce Lee

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Strong Roots

Sifu Thompson is certified by the legendary Dan Insanto (who is certified by Bruce Lee) and their knowledge flows throuigh the academy.

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Street Applicable

We focus on practical and efficient ideas that help you defend yourself and your loved ones in real scenarios with weapons.

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no belts

You won't find belts in our academy. Every student learns at a challenging pace, and your growth is your own.

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Our Academy offers you
  • Training in all ranges of combat: kicking, boxing, trapping, grappling, ground and weaponry.
  • Third-generation Bruce Lee instructors
  • Practical techniques and ideas from multiple martial arts disciplines
  • Phasing out the factor of fear associated with weapons confrontation
  • Close-quarters combat
  • Wing Chun dummies
  • Affordable dues options
  • Free uniform
  • Welcoming environment

Recognized Instructor

Sifu Bud Thompson Sifu Bud Thompson's knowledge and skill in Kali is recognized world-wide. Having beeninducted into the Pugilist Hall of Fame in 2010, his unique approach to martial arts is renowned for focusing on the individual. In many other schools students move tediously along a belt-based curriculum. At Kali Academy, Sifu Bud ensures the foundational pieces are laid while constantly exposing you more advanced concepts.

Proud Lineage

Guros Bud Thompson and Dan Inosanto As a student of Kali Academy, you can be proud of your martial arts heritage. Students here are third generation disciples of Bruce Lee, and second generation pupils of legendary Grand Guro Dan Insosanto. The walls of the academy are adorned with myriad other martial arts legends with whom Sifu Bud Thompson has shared knowledge and friendship.

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